Workplace safety


KELEMARC is the preferred training provider for Confined Space Courses by most of the upstream and downstream companies in Trinidad. Our internationally certified Permit Required Confined Space Training covers hazards, entry and attendant duties and more. The practical exercises includes top and side entry and also crawl space.

scba training

This course is aimed at all individuals working in environments where there is a need for the use of SCBA. Successful participants will be able to better understand the different elements and the proper use of the equipment.

Trainers will cover aspects such as Emergency Procedures, Inspections and Maintenance of the unit. Scenarios and Drills are also incorporated for hands on experience.

ACCIDENT incident investigation

This course is applicable to persons working in all economic sectors and involved in the Accident prevention and reporting aspect of the Safety Management System. Successful participants will be able to conceptualize the root causes of accidents, the possible preventative and corrective aspects as well as reporting. 

hazard indentification AND RISK ASSESSMEMT

 Register for this course to better understand the concept of hazards and risk as well as their roles and responsibilities within a safe system of work. You will also have a proper understanding of accountability, responsibilities and communication within the hazard identification in the workplace. 

Workplace scenarios including risk assessment samples are included in these sessions.


This training session aims to increase awareness and inform on most aspects of lifting and slinging. Successful completion of this course provides participants with the ability to significantly reduce hazardous incidents in the field of lifting operations by increasing staff safety. 

Experience in Rigging/Slinging is an asset


Our company is proud to be associated with the National Safety Council and offers its Defensive Driving Course (DDC 8/6). This programme is geared to teach drivers how to focus to recognize hazards associated with motor vehicle collision and traffic violations. It sets the groundwork for both young and experienced drivers to enhance their driving skills, thus preparing them to become a “defensive driver”. This course certification is credited by the National Safety Council USA. It is strongly recommended both for inexperienced drivers, as well as companies and businesses for their employees 


Most Companies not only want to know that their drivers are certified to drive but also how to operate the forklift safely. This course is designed to give individuals the understanding and knowledge to NEVER operate a forklift for any purpose other than what it was designed for, also to protect themselves from injury, accidents and best represent the company for which they are employed. This forklift safety course provides drivers with safety critical skills to help them meet job requirements for safe driver / operator.